process mining

Task and process mining

True process competitiveness comes with a deep understanding of how things are working and where shifts are possible. Process and task mining are analytical tools which allow you to extract a fact-based picture of how your business is operating.


Using trusted tools we can help you to build an accurate picture of the processes within your organisation. Process mining uses business data in your operational systems to describe a process by telling you which and when steps have occurred. Task mining looks at user interaction data on a desktop to describe everything done by users to accomplish those steps.

Data analysis

With fact-based insight, process and task mining are key tools to identify opportunities for improvement. This may include bottlenecks, inefficiencies and gaps in your organisation’s process.

Continuous improvement

We can help you turn the insight unlocked by process and task mining into practical action. The information provided by process and task mining is invaluable for continuous improvement. It is also likely to identify clear candidate areas for automation.

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We were able to find £500,000 a year in terms of direct savings when designing the right delivery model for this growing asset management organisation.

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"For large organisations, process mining can help uncover bottlenecks, you might not even know exist."

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