So, you’re excited about what RPA can offer your business, but not sure on how to build a robust business case to secure buy-in from stakeholders.

We can help.

Proservartner have a proven methodology to successfully implement RPA projects. It’s why we are gold partners to both UiPath and automation Anywhere. In a number of weeks we can help you to identify processes and then evaluae them in terms of business priority, feasibility, return on investment and finally giving you an overview on cost and timescales.

First step:

Brainstorm session

In our first call with you, we will go over what RPA is, how it works and remind you of the criteria needed for processes that you wish to automate. We’ll then come up with a few different ideas on where best to start, and how best to involve stakeholders within your organisation.

Homework: Gather your stakeholders and come up with a list of potential targets to automate.

2 weeks later:

Feasibility Analysis

In this meeting we will gather all the key stakeholders, and go over the proposed processes with an aim of ranking those process based on how important they are to you as an organisation and how technically feasible they will be to achieve. We will then take the top 5 processes and calculate the ROI (Return On Investment)

Homework: In order to calculate ROI, we need to understand how may people and how long a process takes.

1 week later:

ROI analysis

In this meeting we will review what  factors contribute towards return on investment, what non-monetary factors should be considered as well as considering what impact would error reduction have.

With these factors established we will then have a clear idea on the top 5 processes that are technically feasible, will match with the organisations goals and will deliver the most value.

1 week later:

Cost and Complexity

With the other worksheets completed, our team will then work out the complexity involved to automate your processes and give you an estimation on cost and development time as well as recommending the best vendor to suit your needs.

We may offer you a proof of concept so you can see the technology working for yourself.

"We will gently guide you through the process to ensure you have a robust business case and are automating the right processes."

Dhru, Senior Director

proservartner dhrupad
Proservartner rpa case study

Proservartner worked alongside a construction company whose facility managers were responsible for a large volume of project emails - over 500 per day, which took time away from higher-value tasks.

Read our case study

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