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RPA methodology

Goals: Understanding of the Business Analyst role and our experience-based implementation methodology.

Delivery: Classroom training

Output: Understanding of BA and Implementation Methodology, completion diploma

Duration: 2 days


  • Role of a Business Analyst
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Process deep-dive testing
  • Go-live
  • Change management
  • Traceability matrix
  • Onboarding & CoE enablement
  • RPA preparation
  • Design, build, test
  • Sustain RPA

RPA Developer Starter

Goals: Understanding of UiPath components, features and technology (first step to UiPath RPA Advanced Developer Certification)

Delivery: Classroom training

Output: Knowledge of UiPath functions, completion diploma

Duration: 7 days


  • Introduction
  • Variables, data types & control flow
  • Data manipulation recording
  • Advanced UI interaction
  • Selectors
  • Image & text automation
  • Advanced citrix automation
  • Excel & data tables
  • PDF
  • Email automation
  • Debugging & exception handling
  • Project organisation

RPA Developer Advanced

Goals: Understanding of advanced UiPath components and Orchestrator (ready to pass UiPath Advanced Developer Certification)

Delivery: Classroom training

Output: Knowledge of Advanced UiPath functions, completion diploma

Duration: 7 days


  • Deploying and triggering a process
  • Publishing a UiPath workflow
  • How to create an environment
  • Scheduling jobs, how the job queue works, handling pending jobs, cancelling and terminating jobs
  • Monitoring of robots registered to Orchestrator
  • Communicating error message levels
  • UiPath Orchestrator assets
  • Storing credentials in the Orchestrator
  • Orchestrator queues
  • Using queues to handle multiple robots
  • Adding to queues and getting transaction items
  • Introduction to UiPath REFramework
  • Advanced use and practical case studies – tailored to your environment and business needs (i.e build-a-bot)
Proservarntner case study

Proservartner were able to build a bot which extracted data from the service provider tool, validated VAT, IBAN, USPS, ABN and checked for duplicate entries within the ERP.

"Not only can we develop a bot for you, we can train your team and empower you to embrace automation in your organisation."

Conor, RPA Developer

proservartner steve

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