Robotic Process Automation is essentially software with a very specific task.

You might think of it as more advanced version of functions or macros within Excel – except that RPA sits on top of other applications, and so can link them together.

RPA is used for processes that are low in value but high in volume and can help to standardise processes, streamline activity and reduce human error.

21 Certified Developers

11 Business analysts

8 Solution Architects

5 Infrastructure Specialists

Our team consists of senior managers who have delivered positive change, coupled with our growing team of developers based from our Digital Innovation Hub in Belfast.

We provide a full range of RPA services, delivered to meet your needs. From advising on the best solution and most appropriate provider, to building and implementing your full RPA strategy. We can manage your RPA capability for you from start to finish.

Our RPA Services
Automation Strategy

Proservartner combines many years of functional, technical and management experience to demonstrate the impact of successful RPA implementation.

Feasibility report: We can review your current processes and suggest which would be the most suitable to begin the implementation of RPA.

RPA vendor selection: Your business model plays a vital role in determining which technical features you will need and which vendor you should select. Proservartner has a robust RPA vendor evaluation methodology.

Business case development: Proservartner will use a scoring system in order to determine which processes would see the biggest return on investment and form a robust business case around implementation.

RPA Development

With a robust business case and a timeline of activity, Proservartner can implement RPA in a pragmatic and effective way.

Process mapping, redesign and optimisation: In order to successfully implement RPA, it is key that each and every step of your process is mapped out first. Although RPA is very powerful and flexible, it cannot replicate human decision making. Simple logic must be employed when using RPA and this may mean that your current process needs to be redesigned and optimised for RPA integration.

RPA development: Our team of developers will work alongside you to implement your bot. RPA requires no custom software or deep systems integration and so disruption to your organisation is minimal. We can provide bots that are hosted either in the cloud (yours or our hosted cloud) or on your premises and will manage the entire testing and deployment cycle. 

Managed Services

Proservartner can set up and manage the ongoing use of your bots to ensure they operate at maximum efficiency.

License acquisition: Take advantage of Proservartner's relationships with major RPA vendors to enjoy the best rates on licenses and ensure that you get the type of licence that suits your business.

Cloud hosting: Proservartner can configure your bot in AWS (Amazon Web Services) or Microsoft Azure cloud environments. An advantage to using cloud services is that optimisation and support can be carried out virtually, limiting downtime.

Support: Our friendly team of developers can assist with the ongoing support and service of your bots. Our RPA team can support remotely for issues that can be resolved either over the phone or by securely, remote-accessing the end user's system. We can also provide onsite support for more complex or critical issues.

Change Management

Our change programmes succeed because we understand change from the sharp end.
We know what it takes to overcome resistance and achieve buy-in.

Strategy and framework design: Seventy per cent of transformation programmes fail because of manager behaviours or employee resistance to change. Our tried and tested change management methodology builds sustainable transformation.

Deployment: Not only does our team plan and design change but we can work collaboratively with you on the ground to ensure successful deployment. The right solution can take weeks, month or years, but we will be with you every step of the way. 

Communication: For change to be successful, it needs to be locally owned and delivered. Our approach focuses on communicating frequently, with tailored messages delivered through appropriate channels. Proservartner can help with the production of effective print and digital materials and the delivery of events.


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