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With a heritage in setting up shared services and vast experience in helping organisations design, implement and optimise new models of delivery; Proservartner are the ideal partner to help shape your strategy. We will ensure that there is a clear direction for what the capability wishes to achieve.


In order to produce an informed design and plan of action we will undergo a detailed data capture covering workforce information, system landscape data, organisation charts and other relevant sources of information. This will provide the core data for us to benchmark current practices against desired outcomes. We can then form a plan of delivery incorporating: a detailed communication plan, technology and work environment plans, service management model, change management plan and knowledge transfer plan.

Plan and Implement

With a clear plan of action, our seasoned professionals will work collaboratively with your team to implement all transition plans. Naturally, as a project progresses from paper to reality, plans may need to be amended and controlled and we will support you throughout this process.

Stabalise and Optimise

After a new operating model has successfully been installed and stabilised, Proservartner can then assist with the ongoing measurement, analysis and improvement of process efficiencies, staff capabilities and through the implementation of technology.

Proservarntner case study

Find out how Proservartner helped two allied police forces, to dramatically transform their support operations.

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"We have a long history of setting up and supporting shared services. if you are going on this journey, don't go alone."

Rakesh, CEO

Rakesh sangani proservartner

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