These are unprecedented times. Many organisations are having to make the difficult decision to furlough their staff. With this comes many questions and concerns. If you are not sure how to process the claim. Let us do the hard work so you don’t have to worry about incorrect claims.

Automate the furlough process using RPA. (Robotic Process Automation)

What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation is essentially software with a very specific task. You might think of them as more advanced version of functions or macros within Excel, except that RPA sits on top of other applications, and so can link them together. RPA is used to reduce mundane, repetitive tasks being carried out by your team.

How does it work?

As RPA sits on top of your existing software and systems, our team can quickly configure a bot specific to your company, and your needs. You don’t need a software license, you don’t need a server, you don’t need a subscription. If you have a large number of staff who need to undergo this process, we can save a significant amount of time and stress.

How to get started?

We will sign a confidentiality agreement in order to carry out this work, and with remote access to your systems we can get started as soon as the government’s portal comes online.


We would provide a structured excel input which is updated with the required information for the bot to process those individuals who have been furloughed.


The bot would then take this information and update your HR system or ERP.


These changes would then also be automatically updated on your payroll system, or delivered to your payroll team.


After this, the bot would then take all the information and automatically make your furlough claim using the UK government’s online portal.


This process would then be reconciled by the bot by referencing banking information to ensure the end-to-end process was managed and successful.

"Don't spend time filling in forms when you could be communicating with your team."

Stephen Babbage, Director of Intelligent Automation

proservartner stephen

A large media company in Switzerland was struggling with a cumbersome credit note process that was tying up employees across two departments.

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