The roundtable sessions will be one hour long.

All information shared will be treated as confidential in nature.

There is no cost for attending the session but we do ask that participants have their camera on and actively take part in the sessions.

Places are very limited to 10 participants – these are assigned on a first come, first served basis.

Problem Statement:

In 2027, SAP will officially end support for ECC6, the core enterprise resource (ERP) Central Component of its product, which gives organisations 7 years to migrate to S/4 Hana. Migration is sadly not as simple as hitting ‘update’ and will mean difficult decisions to make about how existing SAP code should be redeveloped for S/4 Hana. There is a general consensus that implementing S/4 Hana means implementing an entirely new ERP system, and with it high risks and high costs.

Businesses need to figure out what their existing business processes are, how much is encoded in SAP, how much of the customisation in the original implementation is now part of standard S/4 Hana, and whether it is really a business imperative to implement the old customised code in the platform.


In order to gain the most value from an SAP S/4 Hana investment, the IT department will need to deliver on business demands as quickly as possible without business disruption.

In our roundtable event we will be gathering different CIOs and IT leaders who have completed, are going through or are about to start this journey. The session will be informal in nature and is aimed at sharing common problems, possible solutions and tools/techniques. Talking points will include:

  • Is your business case strong enough for S/4 Hana migration?
  • Potential pitfalls of migrating to S/4 Hana
  • What tools can you use for process oversight and mapping?
  • Factors to consider when re-designing processes

+ Wherever the conversation takes us!

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