Utilities Roundtable

Topic: Challenging Collections & Understanding Customer Journeys


TUE December 7th


15:00-16:00pm (UK)


Subject Matter Experts


10 Places. First come, first served

Christmas draws near – normally a time for celebration but for some this year, winter will be a period of great difficulty. Many bill-payers find themselves caught out by unexpected rises in utility prices this year. Some will need help to get through the winter and face the difficult choice of deciding which bills to pay and which must be left outstanding.

So where does this leave utility providers? Billing and collections will have to walk a tightrope act, balancing empathy against debt management as winter inevitably drives household resource consumption to its highest levels. 

We regularly host small, sales-free and private roundtables with our automation partner Celonis and invite you to join us this December as we connect, learn and share. All information will be treated as confidential and there will be no presentations.

We will let natural conversation take its own course but here is the baseline agenda that will help guide our discussion:

  • Increasing pricing and managing the need to be agile.
  • Taking a preventative approach to collections.
  • How new technology can support changing requirements.

We are keeping the number of attendees limited to encourage conversation and conviviality so please do let us know if you are interested in attending.

Please email matthew.francis@proservartner.co.uk if you have any questions and to receive the full joining details.

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