Where to start with RPA?

Zoom webinar, Thursday 2nd April 09:30-10:30am


Businesses are using the latest technology to improve productivity, compliance and accuracy, as well as saving money and providing a better customer experience. If you want to find out how the practical application of Robotic Process Automation will benefit your business then be sure to attend this webinar.

RPA is essentially software with a very specific task. You might think of it as an evolved version of macros within Excel, except that RPA sits on top of other applications, and so can link them together. RPA is used to reduce mundane, repetitive tasks and can be configured to capture and interpret data, trigger responses and communicate with other digital systems.

Topics Covered

  • What is RPA?
  • A brief history of the technology
  • What is it capable of and not?
  • What processes are ripe for RPA?
  • What pitfalls should you avoid.
  • How to run a proof of concept

Who is this session for?

  • Organisations who have not implemented RPA and are at early stages of discovery
  • Transformation Managers
  • Heads of function – Finance, HR, Procurement, IT, Operations
  • Senior Leadership

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