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Many pharmaceutical organisations are dependant on quick access to the right technical knowledge to resolve issues faster and collaborate better. Without timely access to the proper knowledge, schedule delays and resource costs can quickly escalate into significant losses.

Correctly collecting and tagging this information would be a huge manual task, especially where information may sit in several silos. (different folders, systems on the cloud etc.)

RPA is a form of virtual automation that replicates desktop actions and can apply simple logic to automate those actions at a rate faster than humans. One of the key advantages of the technology is that it can work across systems you already have meaning it can search through and extract data from multiple SharePoint sites and file shares, sitting on different systems.

A bot can then associate content that belonged with a particular development product, classify it against a predefined set of taxonomy and business rules and ultimately process it onto a knowledge platform, where staff can assess it.

Where data is in PDF format or is a scanned document, then RPA could be combined with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to scan and digitise the data, and automatically input it into the repository. Intelligent data capture is a technology where accuracy will improve with the more data that it processes over time.

RPA technology allows you to collate reports, copy and edit a large amount of data across systems, and reconfigure that data into a set format. These are mundane tasks which might take your team days, weeks or even months.

If you’d like to find out how automation will help your organisation, then be sure to get in touch with the Proservartner team today.

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