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Improving Patient Safety Through Automation

The ICSR process would appear to have all the right ‘characteristics’ for successful application of automation, yet uptake has been slower than in other parts of the business… we discuss why.

Business Process Management

A growing number of organisations are realising the benefits of taking a process-orientated approach as a form of total quality management and continuous improvement.


Proservartner offer an end-to-end service in hyperautomation. Our team comprises of process experts and experienced developers who can take you through every step of your journey.

Why Choose us?

Shared Services & GBS

With our heritage in setting up shared service centres, our experienced team can take you through every step of your journey, from design through to optimisation.

Internal Training

All of our services are backed up with robust programmes of training and education, to ensure everyone understands and is onboard with changes both big and small.

Proservartner is an international consulting firm. For over a decade we have optimised process centricity and technology enablement to create a happier, more productive workforce for tomorrow.

Award Winning SSC Consultancy

Hands on implementation team

Key Partner to major automation vendors

Onshore team of developers

Our Feedback

Proservartner have been a solid partner in out transformation journey. They provided us with the leadership to help drive substantial sustainable performance fixing our customer relationship
Lukasz Kolerski
Transformation manager, Bridgestone
Rakesh and the team at Proservartner are a trusted partner to any organisation. They challenged our mindsets to help design and work towards delivering a future-proof model for our shared services. The value Proservartner brought to the project was extremely important, particularly in the early design and review stages, as it was a new concept for our organisation. They provided guidance, know-how, and a proven methodology, helping to up-skill our own project team based on their expertise. This helped guide internal skills and efforts towards transforming ideas into action, inefficiencies into cost savings and duplication into streamlined, value-added processes. I would recommend anyone undertaking a shared services journey to reach out and have a chat with them.
Melinda Taylor
Business Operations Manager, West Mercia Police

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