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Lean Automation Reviews

We run 5-day workshop led initiatives to transform a level 3 process, identify the waste and automation opportunities.

Task Mining

Leverage technology to identify automation candidates through software that captures what users carry out on every application they use.

Process Mining

Build a deeper understanding of your process through system-based assessments providing automated process maps, and enabling you to identify bottlenecks and process issues.

Specialist Resource

Use lean and/or six sigma and/or process experts to support specific project needs to improve efficiency and effectiveness benefit.

SOP Automation

We support the automated capture of screenshots of daily activities and the transfer onto your own standard operating procedure template.

Realise ROI Excellence Through Process Mining

Once the foundations have been laid with 100% continuous visibility, the swift identification of inefficiencies, and intelligent prioritisation and automation, it's time to unlock the full potential of your investment in Process Mining.

With our comprehensive Process Mining solutions, you can achieve remarkable returns on your investment (ROI) by:

Optimising Efficiency

By identifying bottlenecks, redundancies, and areas for improvement, you can streamline processes, reduce operational costs, and enhance productivity.

Enhancing Decision-Making

Gain data-driven insights into your operations, enabling more informed strategic decisions that maximize profitability and resource allocation.

Reducing Risks

By addressing gaps and inefficiencies, you minimize the risk of compliance violations, errors, and operational disruptions, safeguarding your bottom line.

Accelerating Automation

Leverage the insights from Process Mining to automate routine tasks and processes, reducing manual effort and improving accuracy.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

A more efficient and responsive operation leads to improved customer experiences, loyalty, and increased revenue.

What outcomes you will get?

Attain unbroken, 100% visibility at all times. Gain an instantaneous, real-time X-ray view of your organisation's business process, spanning across every corner of your enterprise.

Swiftly pinpoint inefficiencies with precision. Uncover and measure the consequences of shortcomings using an 'as-is' process model derived from real data.

Empowers intelligent prioritisation and automation. Access data-driven insights that guide resource allocation and facilitate proactive measures in addressing deficiencies.

Process Mining Capabilities

Process Discovery

Explore your operations like never before. Proservartner's Process Discovery uncovers hidden insights, revealing how your process truly work, enabling you to make data-driven decisions.

Process Analytics

Proservartner's Process Analytics empowers you with in-depth insights. Harness data to optimise process, enhance efficiency, and drive continuous improvement for your business.


Benchmark against the best. Proservartner's Benchmarking allows you to compare your process with industry leaders, providing a clear path to operational excellence and competitive advantage.

Conformance Checking

Ensure process adhere to standards. With Proservartner's Conformance Checking, you gain real-time monitoring, identifying discrepancies and ensuring compliance in your operations.

Key Contributions of Task Mining to Digital Transformation

Task Mining Unlocks Automation Potential

Task mining provides the vision needed to identify repetitive, automatable tasks within your process. By revealing these opportunities, organisations can enhance efficiency, standardise practices, and discover avenues for cost reduction.

Data-Driven Continuous Improvement

Automated data collection at the desktop level empowers leaders with granular insights for confident process optimisation. Task mining ensures that process-level changes are grounded in data-driven decision-making.

Task Mining: A Catalyst for RPA Success

Finance leaders prioritise RPA and AI implementation. Task mining is crucial, offering insights for successful RPA tool selection, ensuring project success.

Enhancing Data Security Through Task Mining

Task mining enhances data security by analyzing granular event data, swiftly detecting threats like malware and unauthorized access, fortifying organisations against cyber threats.

Achieving Operational Resilience with Task Mining

Task mining empowers managers with insights, accelerating automation, improvements, and excellence. Standardisation and optimisation enhance efficiency, enabling value-added work.