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22nd March 2023

The hyperautomation toolkit for AP

In-person dinner

The marketplace of solutions is bigger than ever before. Join us as we break down the offerings, what’s essential and what you can safely leave to the side.

28th November 2023

Where's the best place for my shared services centre in 2024?

Online discussion

Are you looking to build your first GBS/Shared Services Centre or do you need to grow it, but are not sure where is the best place to set one up?

Join our webinar as we share with you our insights on the best cities to grow your GBS in 2024. 

5th December 2023

The Journey Beyond Process Mining - Embracing Object Centric and Process Intelligence Graph

Online discussion

Do you feel like you’ve hit a glass ceiling in your process mining journey? Are you looking to discover how to leverage all of its full potential, but not sure where to start?

Join our small, private roundtable where we share some of the insights normally reserved for our clients.

6th December 2023

The case for BPO – the next wave of value

Online discussion

How do you get more value from a BPO relationship after the initial savings are banked? How can you get more value from a mature practice like outsourcing, when the world is being transformed by technology? Is there more to get or is it time to reconsider BPO completely?

Join Proservartner and Cognizant as they explore with your peers the future of outsourcing and share best practices.

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