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What's the future of outsourcing?

Published on 3rd January 2023

Rakesh Sangani

CEO & Founder, Proservartner

Rakesh is a recognised thought leader in business transformation, shared services and outsourcing. As the founder and transformational leader of Proservartner, he is also a qualified chartered accountant, certified project manager, and Black Belt Lean Six Sigma.

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Podcast Summary

After years as a stalwart tool in the executive toolbox, is outsourcing finally becoming obsolete for global business services, shared services and back office functions? Is outsourcing less and less relevant as automation reduces the need for people-intensive managed services? Are inflation and the global war for talent eroding the power of labour arbitrage, on which so many outsourcing deals have been based? Are organisations looking for new types of partners to deal with next generation challenges in digital, data and beyond?

To explore the future of outsourcing, please tune into this podcast hosted by Proservartner CEO Rakesh Sangani, in discussion with Outsourcing Practice Lead and Managing Director Paul Morrison. As transformation advisers working globally with dozens of clients, Proservartner are in a privileged position to trace the trajectory of this core business strategy and to look ahead at where things are pointing for the years ahead.

Paul Morrison

Managing Director, Proservartner

Paul has over 20 years of experience in outsourcing advisory with the likes of Hackett, Alsbridge and others. Paul leads the Business Process Outsourcing practice at Proservartner and oversees offshoring, deal negotiation, price benchmarking, GBS and global strategy.

Key themes covered: 

  • Market data – Does the market still show signs of life despite insourcing?
  • Strategy – What does outsourcing provide that cannot be delivered better internally?
  • Automation – how does outsourcing fit as technology takes on more and more transactional work?

In this podcast you will hear the latest insights from Proservartner on how clients and outsourcers are working together in new ways to achieve more for less, leading to takeaways that

  • Outsourcing is here to stay but evolving rapidly
  • The split between outsourcing and captive is less important than an end-to-end focus on outcomes
  • Outsourcing value doesn’t create itself – Buyers need to continuously monitor, test, improve, and potentially insource