The Art of Outsourcing Renegotiation


Rakesh Sangani

CEO & Founder, Proservartner

Rakesh is a recognised thought leader in business transformation, shared services and outsourcing. As the founder and transformational leader of Proservartner, he is also a qualified chartered accountant, certified project manager, and Black Belt Lean Six Sigma.

Paul Morrison

Managing Director, Proservartner

Paul has over 20 years of experience in outsourcing advisory with the likes of Hackett, Alsbridge and others. Paul leads the Business Process Outsourcing practice at Proservartner and oversees offshoring, deal negotiation, price benchmarking, GBS and global strategy.

Podcast Summary

Outsourcers are experts at creating contracts that work to their advantage – how can you make them work for you and get the results you want? How can you carry out your transformational plans and build a competitive advantage? CEO Rakesh Sangani and Director Paul Morrison cover all of this and more in today’s podcast episode.

Key themes covered: 

  • Timing – thinking 18 months before expiry
  • PM Benchmarking commercials – BPO price trends
  • Rich process performance data – e.g. Celonis process mining
  • Best alternative / BATNA – you have no leverage if you have no alternative
  • What has the client-side failed to do in the past
  • Partnership – clear view of objectives and restrictions for both sides
  • Futureproofing – clear view of how digital and other factors are changing what is possible/advisable 

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