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A use case that is not limited to pharmaceutical organisations, price comparison is a very monotonous but also a very time-consuming activity, but one that can affect the bottom line none-the-less.

Where any organisation is in a fast-paced market where pricing is a crucial differentiator, employees must monitor the prices of a large number of competitors’ products, on a variety of different websites.

Replacing this action with an RPA bot is an easy solution. RPA is a simple form of automation which records human actions on a desktop and then can copy those actions at a rate faster than humans.

A bot not only that could monitor several different products 24/7 but by using simple IF/THEN decision making, could then log into the back end of those marketplaces and adjust the price within a set parameter. A company can use this to remain competitive and eliminate a tedious process.

We have created a price checking bot for a pharmaceutical client who saw orders increased by 35% within six months due to their competitive pricing.

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