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Ever feel like you’re flying blind? Try Microsoft’s AI Copilot As an independent consultancy, we want to highlight a…

Ever feel like you're flying blind? Try Microsoft's AI Copilot

As an independent consultancy, we want to highlight a recent development in customer service support technology offered by Microsoft. Microsoft’s Customer Service and Support team faces the daily challenge of addressing a wide range of customer inquiries, from software implementations all the way through to Xbox and Surface devices. This often involves complex problem-solving, and there is always a high demand for their expertise.

To address these challenges, Microsoft is introducing a new AI-powered tool known as Copilot within Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

Say hello to Microsoft Copilot

This is a new tool designed to assist customer service engineers in providing faster and more focused customer care. It achieves this by generating contextual and personalised responses to customer questions either via chat or email, as well as facilitating interactive chat experiences with access to knowledge bases and case history.

Think of Copilot as a modern AI application, harnessing the capabilities of advanced language models like GPT-4 to assist professionals in their daily tasks, allowing them to focus on high-value aspects of their work which deeply resonates with the work Proservartner does every day for businesses around the world. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot offers a suite of AI solutions catering to various roles, including sales, service, marketing, operations, and supply chain.

Additionally, Copilot helps support engineers quickly understand customer issues, making it easier to strategise and solve problems efficiently. It empowers professionals to focus on the tasks they enjoy the most and those that truly utilise their expertise.

One crucial aspect of Copilot is its ability to maintain a high-quality knowledge base, which is vital for addressing customer inquiries effectively. During chat conversations, Copilot can surface relevant articles and documents, helping support engineers access valuable information more efficiently and reducing average handle time for resolving customer cases.

"Reducing average handle time by 12%"

A recent Microsoft study evaluating Copilot’s impact on productivity among support engineers revealed that it has been particularly effective for newer agents, reducing average handle time by 12% for low-severity chat cases. While Copilot is a valuable tool, it doesn’t replace the personalised service and empathy that customers seek. Human engineers remain essential in vetting the information provided by Copilot and ensuring its accuracy. Similarly in aviation, pilots use autopilot regularly but the world is a long way away from commercial planes flying without pilots.

Adding value, not reducing headcount

As Microsoft’s Copilot continues to evolve based on feedback and user data, it promises to enhance the capabilities of customer service professionals and empower them to provide even better service. It may not replace human expertise but it serves as a valuable tool, enabling engineers to add more value in less time and feel more fulfilled by putting their skills to use.

Copilot represents a wave of exciting, new, AI-enabled tools which take a significant step forward in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of support roles, making the job more rewarding for professionals while also contributing to overall customer satisfaction. Watch this space because this could be just the beginning!


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