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We really enjoyed our roundtable discussion yesterday exploring the roadmap for automation in the long-term. Adidas, AstraZeneca, Biffa, DB Schenker, OLX Group, Oxford University Press, MAN Energy Solutions, NHS Shared Business Services and Latham & Watkins, thanks for joining us.

There were 4 key takeaways were:

1. Belief: Commit to the benefits of automation and overall KPIs, have faith that it delivers!

2. Return On Investment: It’s difficult to build a transformation roadmap if you expect a high ROI on every automation. ROI per automation is not the right way to measure success, look at ROI for the entire program.

3. Credibility Then Roadmap: Build the credibility for your automation roadmap to land. The roadmap should come straight after the credibility has been built.

4. Agility and Integration: Once you have built the credibility on RPA, build the RPA roadmap and in parallel build credibility on other automation tools. Embedding this turns your RPA roadmap into an Intelligent Automation roadmap over time. Aim to integrate with existing technologies and initiatives – this becomes more achievable over time. Don’t be afraid to change the plan, because the world changes very quickly!

We have an ongoing series of these events but with VERY limited places so if you’re interested… send us your details


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