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The Best Countries for Business Process Outsourcing A Primer For Businesses Resetting their BPO Strategy The outsourcing landscape has…

The Best Countries for Business Process Outsourcing

A Primer For Businesses Resetting their BPO Strategy

The outsourcing landscape has evolved significantly in recent years. Today, outsourcing services are readily accessible to businesses of all sizes and it extends far beyond the low-complexity, transactional or service roles traditionally outsourced.

Businesses today have the opportunity to outsource critical functions from accounting and treasury all the way through to procurement, HR and marketing – totally transforming the way business is done and creating huge cost savings in the process.

But how can a business best leverage outsourcing and ensure they are receiving the best possible value from it? This primer will provide an overview of top outsourcing destinations, offer insights into the benefits, pricing and share practical steps for businesses looking to take the next step in their outsourcing journey.

Top Outsourcing Destinations

Selecting the right outsourcing destination is a crucial decision for organisations. Factors such as language proficiency, time zones, financial incentives, skillsets, required technological capabilities and the specification of the work being outsourced all play a vital role. Businesses can choose from a multitude of options but here are some top countries to consider:

The Philippines

Its ability to provide cost-effective, 24/7 support is what the Philippines is perhaps best known for.

Its Westernised culture and English language proficiency combined with an easily understood international accent are what makes support centres here, both generalised and specialised, a popular choice for customer-facing service and front-end operations.


India remains a key player in outsourcing, especially for tech support and IT-related services plus increasingly more advanced services in the accounting, treasury and finance arena.

Offering 24/7 customer support and having a substantial English-speaking workforce in addition to remaining a cost-effective option, makes India a strong contender for many outsourcing programs.


Brazil, with its focus on IT and tech support services, is an appealing destination for American businesses in particular due to its time zone, being just one or two hours ahead of New York.

Roles typically outsourced to Brazil includes working on primary services like back-office tasks and business processes.


Mexico is gradually emerging as an outsourcing destination with talent specialising in HR and IT in particular. However, everything from accounting to recruitment and software development are increasingly effective possibilities.

Mexico’s proximity to the US is reflected in it having the same four time zones, making communication simple for North American businesses, particularly when combined with bilingual agents.

Outsourcing Costs for Call Centre Services

So which country should a business choose? One key consideration will of course be cost. Pricing will vary by country, by region and the specific services required. However, the most cost-effective countries for outsourcing are generally India and the Philippines.

To help understand pricing further though, consider the two main types of call centre services which BPO companies often use to structure their costs structures:

  1. Inbound Services: Typically starting at $8 per hour, inbound services involve receiving incoming calls from customers. Options include shared or dedicated teams, charged monthly or per-use.
  2. Outbound Services: Costs for outbound services vary widely, with Asian countries charging between $8 and $15 per hour, while rates in the West typically start at a minimum of $22 per hour. Some BPO vendors may also include commissions based on quotas.

Inbound services start at $8/hour

Outbound services vary from $8-$22/hour

How to reset a BPO Strategy

For businesses new to outsourcing or those looking to restructure and reorganise their BPO strategy, careful planning and research are essential. Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Plan Your Expenses: Evaluate your business’s finances and budget for outsourcing. Be cautious of unusually cheap offers, as they may compromise service quality.
  2. Search for Outsourcing Companies: Conduct thorough research, use online resources, and explore various companies that match your service requirements and budget.
  3. Compare Service Offerings: Collect quotes from different companies, compare prices, and assess which one best suits your business’s needs and your customers’ expectations.
  4. Verify Companies Through Reviews: Read reviews and gather insights from sources like Google and Trustpilot to assess the quality of services and customer satisfaction.
  5. Consult Outsourcing Experts: Seek advice from experts or agencies with outsourcing experience to guide your decision. They can help you secure the best deal and quality service for your business.
  6. Begin Implementation: Once you’ve chosen a BPO partner, implement the outsourcing service into your business operations. This may involve agent training, policy development, and performance evaluation procedures.

Outsourcing has evolved into a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes, providing cost-effective and efficient solutions to various business processes. By carefully considering their own particular needs and selecting the right outsourcing partner in the right location, businesses can harness the power of outsourcing to enhance their operations and give themselves a competitive advantage.

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