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Have you ever had a need to quickly check on robot’s progress without logging into Orchestrator and looking for logs? Have you ever wanted to start the robot or pass it information in an easy and simple way?

All of the above became possible, when just a week ago UiPath has released a new component enabling almost total integration with one of the most popular and powerful office tools – Microsoft Teams.

What does it mean for your company? 

It means that all business processes using Teams are now suitable for automation. Here are a few examples how it can be used:

  • Logging in to Teams – your robot can now send messages about its progress to Teams, which makes monitoring a lot easier.
  • You could potentially start/stop the robot by simply sending a message
  • For attended automations – every time more information is required, your robot could send a request/question in Teams and wait for the reply – its channel can be used to “control” it
  • Onboarding new employees by adding them to all required channels and sending a welcome message
  • Automated creation of events

Here at Proservartner we’re very excited about this new feature and we’re already looking into integrating it into our existing solutions.

Check again soon for more updates!



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